One of the most frustrating feelings when preparing for college is using one of those giant to bring lists… only to realize once you get there that you are missing some of the things, or that some of the things you need weren’t even mentioned. If I’m being honest, those lists don’t have everything you need… because really, each person is different, has different circumstances + has different preferences.

Now this isn’t a hate post for college to bring lists, because honestly they can be quite helpful in bringing ideas to mind + thinking of things you may have left out. So in this post, I’m not gonna cover all the basic things you need for college because most of the stuff is pretty obvious + there’s plenty of resources already out there for that…just look it up. But I did want to bring to your attention things your giant to-bring list probably didn’t include: the things I’m so glad I brought + things I forgot, that I wish I had.

Please feel free to participate + comment below what things that are easy to forget to bring to college/ your college must haves.

7 things you’re probably forgetting:

  1. a business casual outfit

I don’t know why no one told me, but you really do need to bring a business casual outfit with you to college. Classes are always having presentations (or at least my school did) + you never know when you may take a job/ internship interview or attend something else where you need to dress nicely. Always have something ready just in case something pops up + you need it because you definitely won’t want to search the stores for something last minute.

       2. beach towel

Your to-bring list probably includes towels, but probably not beach towels– which is something I’m so glad I brought. If your school is near a beach/ lake or has a swimming pool, or even if you think you + your friends may take a road trip, you will want to bring a beach towel so that you don’t have to use your shower towels. 

       3. athletic equipment

If you’re into fitness at all, interested in playing intramurals or think you’ll go to the gym, think about bringing some of the items you have from home (if you’re serious about it). For me, I played intramural beach + indoor volleyball, so I brought my volleyball, knee pads + volleyball shoes so I could play + practice. I also later bought an air pump for the volleyball lol.

But especially because of coronavirus, you may want to bring your own gym equipment (I know I will) such as a mat, resistance bands + possibly weights. Although your gym may give you access to all these things, sometimes it’s just nice to have your own things or not have to share with others, plus you don’t know whose germs have been where. Or it works out nicely if you want to work out in your dorm, provided that you have the space.

      4. picnic blanket/ hammock

At college I wish I used my picnic blanket + hammock more often. If you go to school somewhere with nice weather, definitely take advantage of sitting outside. Watching the sun set, star gazing, having a picnic, working on homework outside, + reading are some fun things to do. Plus the fresh air + vitamin D is well needed. 

      5. *stick on wallet for the back of phone

This I think was the very best thing I brought to college. It’s just a little pocket that adheres to the back of your phone that’s perfect for holding your student ID, license, cash and/ or credit card. At my school I used my student ID for everything: my meals, to get into my dorm, sporting events, etc. This was super nice so that I wouldn’t forget it (trust me, this happens a ton) but also so that I didn’t need to bring a bag everywhere I went. Although, if you are prone to losing your phone often, then maybe this isn’t the best option for you. But you can find them at a lot of places. Your school book store probably sells them or you can find some pretty inexpensive ones on Amazon, like these ones.

      6. side table/ nightstand for next to your bed

Everyone needs a side table or nightstand next to their bed. Whether its to charge a phone at night, hold books, or for a fan… it is super necessary. Now you may not be able to fit one of these based on the placement of your bed, but I’m pretty sure 9/10 dorms do have room for it, + you’ll definitely want to have one. Just make sure it’s tall enough for your bed. Or, if you’re on a top bunk/ don’t have enough space for one, I know there’s table tops that attach to the side of your bed to places things on. Whatever the case may be, you’ll definitely want to look into one, but maybe wait until you get there so you can make sure you have the room for it, but it’ll definitely come in handy.

      7. candle warmer 

If your school is like mine, then you probably know (+ are mad about the fact) that you can’t light candles because it’s a fire hazard. BUT what if I told you you can still have you amazing candles + use them to freshen up your room. That’s right… I highly suggest buying a candle warmer/ heat pad if you want to bring your candles to college.

I have to say, my friends originally bought one + always had it on + it was the best thing ever. It makes your dorm smell so much better, plus, it makes your candles last longer because you’re not actually burning them. So if you can’t part with your candles, definitely buy one + bring it with you. Here’s an option from Amazon.

I know there’s so many things to being to college + those to-bring lists can be overwhelming, so just remember that you can always run to the store to pick up what you need, order stuff from Amazon + have it shipped to you, + you can also bring things back from home the next time you go– please don’t stress about it. Moving + college is already stressful enough. 

These are 7 things that I believe most people forget to bring to college, that I highly suggest + needed. Hopefully you find it helpful + that it’ll save you a bit of stress in college.

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Best wishes!