At college, people are always getting together, doing things + hanging out. I found myself often times trying to come up with a different ideas of fun things to do with my friends, things that weren’t the usual ‘sit around + chat’– although there’s nothing wrong with that. But having variety is so much better + it can be more memorable. 

Until putting together this post, I didn’t realize how many things you can do that are not only fun, but inexpensive, simple + don’t require leaving campus (which is helpful if you don’t have a car or live near your friends). Some of these things may be pretty common–things you’ve heard of before + maybe done yourself. But others are more unique + things you may want to  try. Let’s get on to it!

-movie night

Movie nights are pretty common in college + I don’t think they should go without recognition. They can be so fun + so easy to put together. And you could even plan it to be a weekly thing if you really wanted to… such as Friday movie nights. Just grab some pillows + blankets + possibly some snacks and put on a movie either on your computer or TV– it doesn’t have to be too fancy. My school’s library had a whole selection of movies you could rent (+ maybe yours does too) which was perfect for if we needed more options.

My friends + I love watching Disney throwbacks as well as introducing each other to our favorites + watching classics. It’s so much fun getting to show my friends movies they’ve never seen that I absolutely love, as well as watching movies that I have never seen, but have always heard about.  

OR binge watch a TV series together. My friends + I have done this multiple times. Shout out to them for introducing me to Timeless on Hulu…seriously, you need to check it out. They got me into my favorite show ever + it was so much fun to watch it with them. Plus the suspense, arguing over favorite characters + other drama is so much fun to experience with your friends.

-host parties for holidays

Getting together to celebrate holidays is another thing you can do. I love planning themed parties for my friends. Some of our favorite holidays to have our own parties for are valentines day, thanksgiving, + Christmas, but I’m sure you can do plenty of others…honestly, there are so many occasions you could celebrate. Your campus may or may not have events on campus to celebrate holidays, but celebrating with friends is fun as well. 

In the past, we’ve done a Galentines Day where everyone brought some snacks + we hung out + decorated the room + people came in and out. We also did a Christmas sock secret Santa exchange for each other’s Christmas gifts. You could also do a Friendsgiving before everyone goes off for Thanksgiving break. 

Whatever the event may be, I’m sure there’s plenty of ideas on Pinterest to make it fun + inexpensive. Plus, you don’t have to have a huge space for it– your dorm will work out just fine. There so much less pressure when hosting your friends + all that really matters is spending time together + having fun.

This was the Galentine’s Day party I hosted for my friends. It was super easy, yet so much fun!

-board game night

I definitely recommend bringing board games or card games with you to college if you think you might use them. If you don’t have them on hand, you may be able to rent some from your library or borrow from someone else you know. Playing board games is a great way to spend time with people without being plugged in. It’s also a great ice-breaker + way to hang out with people if you don’t know them well. Some of our favorites are scattergories, spoons + dutch blitz. 

Otherwise, if you don’t have board games, some other games my friends enjoyed playing were man hunt, sharks and minnows + other active games along those lines. If you are into those things, that would be a lot of fun.

-video game night

One of my friends had a Wii in their room + we spent a bunch of time on it. I would not have thought to bring a Wii to college, but it was a great way to hang out with people. We loved playing just dance + mario kart, taking turns if there wasn’t enough for everyone.

If you have your own Wii/ Playstation or any other device, I would bring it if you think you would use it (but I wouldn’t go out of your way to buy one). Otherwise, you may be able to rent it also from your school or use your school’s game room if available. 

If you don’t have any devices, you could look into Jackbox games. These games are easy to play + set up for everyone… just use your phone. I’ve had so much fun with these games, whether its playing it with my honors friends or with my extended family. You’re sure to get a laugh out of it. 

-dance party

Learn the newest popular dance with your besties, whether it’s from TicTok or somewhere else. Last year, my friends + I spent so much time learning The Git Up, memorizing every move until we were proficient so that we could do it at upcoming school events. It was hilarious. I feel like there’s always a new dance song to learn or one that you just never got around to learning.  

OR you could just play classic dance songs, like the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, YMCA, etc + dance around your dorm. Whatever the case may be, not only is dancing good exercise, but it is fun to learn with friends + laugh about.

-spa / pamper night

Taking time to relax + pamper yourself is a must + why not do it with your friends??

Don’t forget to bring nail polish, nail polish remover, face masks + other things to college for when the time comes. Although if you forget, your friends may have stuff you can use or you can find cheap stuff at the dollar store. Having your nails done for school, taking care of your skin + other spa stuff is important for some people for self care– plus it’s a fun thing to do with the people you know.  

-watch the sun set

Go to the tallest building on campus + watch the sun set. This is something my friends do all the time at school. You could grab treats if you want or just hang out + talk. You could even stick around to star gaze. I’m such a sucker for watching sunsets + so are my friends so it is something we love to do… + it may be for you too.  

-have a picnic

Take a blanket or towel + find somewhere to picnic. You could eat a meal, just eat snacks, work on homework or just chat. You could also hammock with your friends which would be a lot of fun as well. But this is a perfect idea if you don’t want to be stuck in your room. Plus you could take cute pictures. 

Hopefully these ideas can help you come up with fun things to do with your friends for a night in at college. It’s nice to know that spending time with friends doesn’t have to be expensive, stressful or super fancy. I know I’m definitely going to plan to do a bunch of these over the next semester.

Let me know if you’re planning on doing one of these! Or if there’s something you love to do with your friends that I forgot, leave it in the comments.

Look for a part 2 in the near future about fun ideas for things to do off your college campus.

Until next time,

Ainsley <3