While doing things on your school campus can be fun + all — and trust me, there is definitely a place for it– sometimes you just need to get off your school campus + do things nearby. My friends + I always say that our school is like a bubble, since you could stay there forever + never really need anything. However, it can get isolating.  Although you are at school to get an education, staying social + getting involved, whether it’s on campus or off campus is really important. 

In a recent post of mine, I shared 8 Fun Ideas For A Night In At College… (which you should totally check out if you need some ideas) but I also wanted to pair it with this post, sharing some ideas for things you can do off campus or nearby. There are many options around you so that you don’t have to be isolated. Instead, you can enjoy the city you live in + make the most of your time in college.

Like I mentioned in the other post, these ideas aren’t extremely unique or out of the ordinary, but they may spark another idea or inspire you to do something you may not have thought. Whatever it may be, I hope you can find this post beneficial + use at least one of the ideas shared.

  • drive in movie theater

I don’t know if they have a drive in movie theater where you are, but there is one nearby my school + so many people go there. Not only is it such a cute idea, but it can be a lot of fun + never goes out of style. Hopefully there’s one in your area for you to check out + bring your friends to for a fun night out. It definitely changes up your usual movie night.

  • try a new food place

Although chain restaurants can be nice for familiarity, try out local favorites + small restaurants. You may find a new favorite place or try a new food or find a new hang out/ study spot. See where the common favorite spots are that people recommend or even do the searching on your own.

Unfortunately, though, you may have to leave those places you’ve come to love once you go back home 🙁 that’s the one hard thing about local businesses, but it makes your time at college all the sweeter. 

  • try a new coffee place

I know there’s some people out there who don’t like coffee… but if you are like the 90% of the other population you NEED to go coffee shop searching. Unless you’re in the middle of nowhere, your college town will have at least one cute coffee shop. Not only is it fun to try out new places + support local businesses, but trying new versions of coffee + maybe even finding a new study spot makes it even better. Plus, you’ll have to take some cute pics or an Insta story while you’re there too. 

  • go to a cute place to take pictures

My friends + I love taking pictures together to the point of having our own photo shoots. There are tons of murals off campus that make picture-taking so much fun. If your college city has murals, definitely go around + take photos. If not, even places like downtown or a flower field or a park or marina would be a pretty place to take pictures, not only so you can make memories, but so you can look back on you + your friends. 

  • go to a farmers market

If you have any medium to large sized city, then it probably has a farmer’s market. There’s just something about local businesses + shopping from them that is so much fun. Plus it can help you learn more about your city. Plan a time + gather up your friends to go check it out… maybe spend way too much than you should on food or cute plants… but it is such a fun time + can be so unique depending on how your city does it.

*however, if your city does not have a farmers market or if your farmer’s market is closed, even just exploring your city or a larger city nearby is a lot of fun. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money or do a bunch of activities. 

  • thrift/ antique shop

If you’ve gotten to this point of this post + have loved everything so far, then it probably wouldn’t surprise me if you love thrifting/ antiquing as well. You can find so many hidden treasures at the thrift store for a great price. Especially since thrifting has become more popular, I’m sure plenty of people would be up for the idea as well. Check out the chain thrift stores, but also look at the small, local ones too. You never know which stores could have the best items.

I know I could be in the thrift store for hours, but if you wanted to change it up a bit, you could buy each other crazy outfits to wear or do a fashion show. The options are endless + you can get so creative. 

  • find what makes your city unique

For me, one of the things I enjoy the most about going places is finding what makes it unique/ special. There no point in doing all the things you could do anywhere else. So whether it’s a giant shopping mall or a restaurant, a sky diving place, an amusement park or some other kind of activity, find what makes your city unique + do it. And there may be multiple things so try to do them all with your time in college. Make the most of where you are + have fun with it.

Other Ideas: 

  • beach/ lake day– make a day trip out of it if it’s too far
  • pet store
  • ikea
  • mall
  • ice skating/ rollerblading
  • bowling

Hopefully you can try out at least one of these ideas + have a good time with it.

If I’m being honest, this is just the stuff I could think of that’s popular near me. You may have a completely different situation + other things may be more popular/ less popular where you are. Just be open to trying new things + exploring. 

But please promise me that you won’t just stay in your dorm the whole time while your at college. There is so much you can do + it doesn’t have to be far away or expensive. You need to have late night Walmart runs, times of blasting music in the car + trying out new places– it’s just a natural part of college. 

Let me know if I left out anything + you have your own ideas/ favorite things you like to do off your college campus!

Until next time!

<3 Ainsley