My Why


I’ve been writing pretty much my whole life from what I can remember. When I was 12, my friends and I started an online magazine called Th!nk, that consistently published for 6 years. I wrote a column that answered our readers questions & it was called Ask Ainsley (that's where the name comes from).

From there, I started my own blog & in addition to that, I've guest written for other blogs. I was previously blogging at & while I have decided to not delete those posts, I wanted to start brand new with my own official space.

For me it’s come down to my love for writing & wanting to glorify God in it. There's just something so incredible about writing & I have always come back to it. I not only want to remember what God has done in my life, but also share it with others to encourage them in some way.

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It must be that enneagram 1 in me 😀 I just LOVE helping people, giving advice & making things easier for others, especially because of my relationship with Christ. And that's what made me know I needed to start this blog.

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With this blog, I want to be rooted & established in Scripture. The things I say or write are just an opinion unless it comes directly from the Word. That's why my main tagline is:

Not because I have all the answers, but because I know the One who does. 

Because quite honestly if none of this is inspired by God & for His glory, then it is all babble & I'm just another opinion in the world. I want my writing to point readers to Scripture.

Quite honestly, it surprises & humbles me to think God would want to use me to build His kingdom. But I am grateful for the opportunities He gives me (like this blog) & I want to glorify Him with the abilities, time & resources He has given me.

I hope you will join me as I write posts and learn more about God. I’m open to whatever the Holy Spirit has in store.

On here you can find posts about what I’ve been learning in life, faith-based devotions, what I've learned from college & how God has been growing me through singleness. I hope I can bless & encourage you with the words I write, but ultimately that God would use this blog however He would like.


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