In one of my more recent posts about singleness, I focused on the benefits of being single (definitely check that post out if you haven’t).  And while I think changing our perspective on singleness + filling ourselves up with truth is important, if we don’t have practical steps, it is much harder to implement into our lives. It’s so much easier to hear things (or in this case, read things) + know the truth, rather than actually applying it + living it out– and that goes for just about everything. I think James said it perfectly in James 1:22: ‘ Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.’

So these are some practical things you can do in this season singleness to best serve God + others + grow yourself. Start by noticing the things you are doing well in this season + then work on adding one thing at a time… because it’s not meant to be overwhelming. Honestly, there is no one way to rock your single years. It looks different for all kinds of people. You may not get to doing all of these things + that’s perfectly fine, but hopefully it can give you some ideas + show you that there is so much you can do right now! We need to keep fighting against the lie that singleness is just waiting.

Here are 7 ideas:

  • spend more time in God’s word

I definitely talked about this in the other post, but I cannot emphasize enough how crucial this is. Not only do you have more time, but you have more flexibility + it is crucial in laying down the foundation for the rest of your life. You will not experience a closeness to God like you will in this time. Some things you can do are to spend more time with God are: pray more, journal, listen to sermons, + participate in a Bible study.

  • find your calling

Know who you are + what you’re meant to do in this life. Don’t just sit around + wait for life to happen to you. I think it is so encouraging that God has a plan for us + wants to use us… but it doesn’t have to wait until we are older or after we graduate. God wants to use you right now to spread His kingdom, make disciples + ultimately bring glory to Him–that includes your experiences, imperfections, struggles + personality. I wonder how much we are missing out on God wanting to use us because we are too distracted or have excuses. 

I’ve heard before that God is always trying to speak to us (not necessarily literally)… and while I don’t know if that’s 100% true, I do know that He is a very present God + is not out of reach. A lot of times I think we just aren’t listening. Or we may think we are listening when we actually aren’t. Try to make it a habit to sit quietly, maybe after you’ve prayed, + actually create space to hear God, not thinking about other things or distracted, but fully focused on Him to hear what He is calling you towards.

  • invest in the people around you

Each person you encounter, see them as an opportunity to show God’s love. It’s crazy to think that out of all the people in the world, He has put you exactly where you are with the age you are + the interests you have. So the people you cross paths with are not by chance. Right now, take the opportunity to think about the people God has put in your life (family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances) + how you can point them to Christ + focus on them, especially during this season. You may never have that opportunity again so don’t miss out!

  • volunteer

Look for ways to get involved in the community where you are. This is a way to not only serve people, but to meet new people + represent Christ. You could volunteer at your church: helping in kids ministry, tech team, worship team, etc. You could volunteer in your city: a food pantry, a local organization, a tutor, service projects, etc. Otherwise, I know a lot of college students help with summer camps + VBSs over the summer + that is a great opportunity. Being a part of something helps us get our focus off of ourselves + on what really matters. 

  • mentor someone

This is something I don’t think enough people talk about. Mentorship/ discipling is super important in the church. Investing in younger Christians, teaching them about living like a Christian + praying for them is crucial for spreading the kingdom. I know I would have loved to have a mentor when I was younger because I didn’t have an older sister or older girl to look up to as I was growing more in my faith. I would have loved someone more closer to my age to answer my questions + teach me about what being a believer is actually like.

Although God provided the answers + guidance I needed through other avenues (Christian instagram accounts + blogs), I want to be the mentor I never had for younger girls around me. And it’s not that you have to feel qualified or that you know all the right answers or are a super strong Christian. It’s about God has calling you to it + that you are leaning on Him to guide you through it. After mentoring one person, then they can mentor someone + the discipling is multiplied all because of one relationship.

Here’s an article by Girl Defined for more info on how to disciple another girl if you are interested on this subject.

  • be mentored by someone 

Going off of the last one, having someone pouring into you + teaching you who is already a couple steps ahead of you is very helpful. If I’m being honest, I am lacking in this area. I’ve been praying + looking to God for a mentor, but it just hasn’t happened yet, although I do have a lot of great people to support me in my life. But if you feel like God has put an amazing person in your life, definitely ask them to mentor you. 

Here’s an article by Girl Defined on how to ask a godly woman to mentor you if you have further questions on that.

  • travel + adventure 

Lastly, I think it is important to fill up your time with some fun + enjoyable things. Road trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Try a new local restaurant. Learn a new skill. Go on a missions trip. There are so many fun things you can do while you are single. Maybe even make a bucket list.

Now is the most flexibility + time you will have. Once you are dating/ married, you will have to factor the other person into a lot of your scheduling decisions. So enjoy the freedom you have + do the things you are passionate about + dreaming about.  

So if you are looking for what to do as a single, keep these ideas in mind + know that God is working in you in your singleness. 

In closing, I would encourage you to use your singleness to be fixed on God + pour into others. But even if you aren’t single (or when you aren’t single) isn’t that how God calls us to live our lives anyways?? Loving God + loving others are the 2 greatest commandments in the Bible. It doesn’t change based on your relationship status. Developing this mindset now is important as a believer. 

Be sure to check out my post on 5 Benefits of Being Single if this topics interests you. Also, if you have any more tips on how to rock your single years, please comment it down below so it can help others.

I hope this post could help you out!

<3 Ainsley