When moving off to college, my biggest worry was making friends since I had the same friend group all throughout high school. I had to start from scratch and relearn how to make friends since I was all on my own. But a challenge I did not anticipate was how my friendships back at home + with my other friends would change because of college. 

Whether you’ve moved off to college with your best friend or all your friends went separate ways, your friendships will look different because of college. That could be in a lot of ways or maybe not many, but you will have to work through it if you want to keep those friendships.

So I’ve put together this post on important things I’ve learned about friendship + how college has changed my relationships, but also strengthened them. I hope you can incorporate these things into your friendships! But if you’re having friendship challenges because of college, just know that you are not alone + that it’s something everyone has to work through. More →