While doing things on your school campus can be fun + all — and trust me, there is definitely a place for it– sometimes you just need to get off your school campus + do things nearby. My friends + I always say that our school is like a bubble, since you could stay there forever + never really need anything. However, it can get isolating.  Although you are at school to get an education, staying social + getting involved, whether it’s on campus or off campus is really important. 

In a recent post of mine, I shared 8 Fun Ideas For A Night In At College… (which you should totally check out if you need some ideas) but I also wanted to pair it with this post, sharing some ideas for things you can do off campus or nearby. There are many options around you so that you don’t have to be isolated. Instead, you can enjoy the city you live in + make the most of your time in college. More →