Ultimately the main reason why you’re going to college is to earn your degree + get an education. Although there are so many other things involved, such as social life, being independent + growing up, your main goal of college is to stay on top of your studies. I’ve always done well in school my whole life + college was no different, but it was a lot harder to balance having a social life as well as getting enough sleep + performing well in the classroom.

I’ve compiled my best tips for doing well academically, things that I have done to get good grades, but also tips specifically for classes in college. Because college classes are WAY different than high school. You may have already taken some before actually attending classes, but the truth is that you have to work SO much harder in college. You go to class less so a lot more of it relies on you: you have to study so much more, as well as stay more organized + not push off assignments. More →