I didn’t post this last week + if I’m being honest, it’s because I’ve been in a funk spiritually, among other things. I have been going through the motions with God. I haven’t felt any passion or excitement or newness. Instead, I have felt confused + useless. I’ve been questioning a lot. Wondering a lot. If you are in the same boat, keep reading!

This morning during church, I realized that although this has been a frustrating last couple of weeks, God has been with me every step. It may feel like I’m alone, but I know God is right here with me in my emptiness. I want to use what I’ve been going through to encourage + help others like you… because I know we all go through seasons of lowness + questioning. Although I am still in a funk, I remain hopeful that God will use it + that better days are to come. You can be hopeful too! More →