I didn’t post this last week + if I’m being honest, it’s because I’ve been in a funk spiritually, among other things. I have been going through the motions with God. I haven’t felt any passion or excitement or newness. Instead, I have felt confused + useless. I’ve been questioning a lot. Wondering a lot. If you are in the same boat, keep reading!

This morning during church, I realized that although this has been a frustrating last couple of weeks, God has been with me every step. It may feel like I’m alone, but I know God is right here with me in my emptiness. I want to use what I’ve been going through to encourage + help others like you… because I know we all go through seasons of lowness + questioning. Although I am still in a funk, I remain hopeful that God will use it + that better days are to come. You can be hopeful too!

So here are 7 ideas for how to get out of a spiritual funk or at least persevere + stay close to God through it:

  • Keep pressing into Him, seeking Him when you don’t feel like it

In a funk, it’s easy to base everything off your emotions + feelings: whether you feel close to God or not, whether you’re on a high with God or not, if you’re happy with yourself or not. Although our emotions are valid, they should not determine the truth. You may feel one way, but you can’t just act based on those feelings.

So if you feel far away from God or not as close, don’t let that stop you from spending time with Him. Keep connecting with Him, even if you don’t feel like it. Time with God is an important part of each day, not the days we pick + choose. Keep leaning into Him during this time, not letting your feelings take control. 

  • Know that He has a purpose in this

Something that has kept me hopeful during this time is that I know God is at work + I know He is using this time. Whether it’s to grow you, to help others, to launch you into your next season– we may never know– but I do know that this time is not wasted. Instead, it is full of purpose. It may not feel like anything is happening at the moment, but God is always at work + working behind the scenes. Stay hopeful that there is a reason + that God has a plan!

  • Pray

Like I’ve already mentioned, in this time, it’s important to stay connected to God + seeking Him, even if you don’t feel like it. With this is also continuing to pray. Prayer is how we stay close to God + hear from Him. It helps give us a different perspective + requires submission.

In this time, don’t be afraid to share your feelings with God. Seek Him for help. Ask Him as many questions as you need to. Reflect on what has happened. Ask Him to reveal things to you + speak into your life. He wants to hear from you + help you, but you have to seek Him in order to do so. Don’t neglect it!

  • Repent

Usually when we’re in a funk, it’s not God who has grown farther or gotten more distant, rather we are the one’s who pull away from God + create the distance. God is always chasing after us + pursuing, but are we stopping to recognize it + embrace it??

Ask God to show you where you have fallen short or why you may be struggling in this time. Turn away from your sin + turn to God through repentance. Recognize why you are in this funk, what is keeping you from Him + apologize. This part is SO hard to admit your are wrong…especially if you don’t know why– but this helps so much in moving things along + making progress. We are all sinners + all need to not only see the sin in our lives, but to repent from it. 

  • Take action in response to repentance 

The whole idea of repentance is that you change what you are doing so that you no longer do it. If you keep acting the same way, you will fall into the same struggles. God’s grace + love propels us to change to do things that honor Him. It isn’t about being a better person or being more perfect. Rather it’s having a heart change where you want to obey God + serve Him well.

Ask yourself: What are you going to do differently now that you have noticed the sin in your life? What things can you do to mend your relationship with God? What do you need to let go of? What is hindering your relationship with God? Then, actually do it. Plan out steps to achieve it. Think practically, but actually follow through.

  • Pause

This is kinda the opposite of the last point 😀 But it is also important take moments of silent and rest. In funks we may try to do more or be better to feel some form of accomplishment, but quietness is also necessary.

Take moments to be still + clear your mind, and not be racing to the next thing or flooding your mind with why you’re in a funk. Create the space for God to move + speak. But also be there to listen. I love how God calls us to come to Him for rest + direction. However, we need to be fully present + fully let go in order to receive it + for it to make its fullest impact.

  • Remember all the things He’s done in the past

Finishing off this post, I think it is crucial that when we begin to doubt God’s faithfulness or feel He isn’t moving that we remember what He has done in the past. In the moment it can feel like God has done nothing + is no where, but when we look back, His character always proves that He is faithful + sovereign. 

This could be things He has done in your life, in your friend’s lives or even in the Bible. I know when I look back on my life, I am reminded of how good God has been to me + how He has worked everything together. It makes my current problems seem so small. Don’t forget to take note of what God has done in your life so you can praise Him all the rest of your days, especially the days when things get hard!

So if you are in a spiritual funk right now, I want to let you know that you are not alone + that you will get through this! Stay hopeful! Keep leaning on the Lord. God is not finished + He wants to do a new thing. 

I hope this post could help you out! I’m excited to see what God will do through this season in my life + what He will do through this post.

Best wishes!

<3 Ainsley